I created my own discord server!

Hey, I have made myself my own discord server. Not really a proper blog subject, but I feel like it is a part of my art journey in a way as one of the motivations behind making the server is trying to build a community around myself to get better reach in social media and with people so that I can get seen by people. Because it doesn’t really matter if you get to a professional level if one one sees your art! Now I’m not really at a professional level, but I feel like this thing a part of marketing, and marketing is a skill like any other skill, something to improve on. So my plan is to improve my marketing skills and grow a community around me. This way I can get commissions, try to get funding to make different projects like comics, games and so on, but also so that I can get seen by a studio or company that wants my stuff if that ever happens. I hope you’ll like the server, see you there.

You can join the discord by clicking this link!


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