Adding “Resources” to my website.

Today I am adding the Resources page to have the resources I am creating in one place. It is not exactly how I want it just yet. Right now it contains my FLOSS-creation project containing resources on FLOSS software for creating art with. I’ve also added my Gumroad which currently has my workspace downloadable. I will be adding more stuff there soon, like Krita brushes and stuff. My ambition is to finally have it all through my site and not some thrid-party thing, but this should work for now.

I will also start giving updates to my supporters here on the website feed. This is to easier provide info to my future Liberapay supporters and to further connect my Patreon supports and liberapay supporters.

If you want all updates about me you should add this feed to your RSS feed. This page will have all the updates.

That is all for now, see ya’ll another time!



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