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Christoffer Bakken Tallerås

Illustrator • Lillehammer, Norway



Christoffer is a Norwegian illustrator currently living and working from the olympic city of Lillehammer. Works only using free, libre, open-source software, however this technical choice does not affect compatibility with clients.

Available for freelance illustration, visual development/creative development for social media posts, product packaging, accessories, t-shirt designs, skateboard art, posters, stickers and more.

Software proficiency

Krita • KDEnLive



Gjøvik Videregåendeskole (Gjøvik highschool)

Art, Design and Architecture

2012 – 2015 • Gjøvik, Norway

In the General studies with formgiving they have the same classes as other students that have the general studies but has additional classes where they have Art, Design and Architecture.


The Nansen Humanistic Academy

Creative arts

2016 – 2017 • Lillehammer, Norway

Nansenskolen is a “folkehøyskole” (college without any formal education) known for open arrangements, evening lectures, courses and a resort for Nansen´s peace center. The school has three lines of education: 1) Philosophy, litterature and politics 2) Creative writing 3) Creative arts.

Made in 1938 this Humanist Academy is a important arena for reflection and debate. Prime principles of the education is art, culture and social issues.

in 1987 the school gained the price Fritt ord (Free speech) for their continued work over the years for Humanism, tolerance and the principle of free speech.