Inktober and patreon update!

Hello! Got a lot of hassle out of the way finally! Now to the busiest month of the year for me! INKTOBER!

I think for the website feed I think it is preferable to post the inktober artworks as one big post at the end of the month. But if you want to see my inktober posts you can see them if you follow me on Mastodon.  I’ll also post inktober stuff on patreon.

And now to patreon! This month I have added yet another tier on the patreon, the Mentorship tier!


I thought this would be a cool tier to add to the patreon for those who like the way I teach.

But I think that’s all for now. Have a nice Inktober!

Update: Patreon, Youtube and more

Just letting Ya’ll know that I am changing up my Patreon/Liberapay to be more simplified, taking away all the tiers from the Patreon for example. This means that the sketch reward will be taken away, but you will still be able to commission sketches, I just don’t feel Patreon is the best place for that I feel.

And just recently I deleted my Instagram and Artstation! Pretty psyched about that, didn’t really use them though, but nice to get rid of them and not having people being directed to them.  I’ll keep my DeviantArt for now as it has a lot of old art and old memories I’d like to just keep there. I have the art archived so don’t worry about that, but just nice as that’s where it all started for me with posting art online and met so many wonderful people there.

If you check out my Youtube page you might notice that all my videos are gone. Don’t worry, I have just privatized them. I have decided that I will only post my videos up on peertube as I enjoy that much, much more. Has a proper community and all that I like to be apart of. You can find my videos uploaded here.

But I hope you guys are doing good! I’ll have some new videos uploaded soon, been using much more time writing and planing them. I have a feeling that my video projects will grow in ambition as time goes. Really hyped, and I hope you are too.


Thanks for sticking with me.

Adding “Resources” to my website.

Today I am adding the Resources page to have the resources I am creating in one place. It is not exactly how I want it just yet. Right now it contains my FLOSS-creation project containing resources on FLOSS software for creating art with. I’ve also added my Gumroad which currently has my workspace downloadable. I will be adding more stuff there soon, like Krita brushes and stuff. My ambition is to finally have it all through my site and not some thrid-party thing, but this should work for now.

I will also start giving updates to my supporters here on the website feed. This is to easier provide info to my future Liberapay supporters and to further connect my Patreon supports and liberapay supporters.

If you want all updates about me you should add this feed to your RSS feed. This page will have all the updates.

That is all for now, see ya’ll another time!