I have just joined Mastodon a while ago and I really love it so far. It is such a close community right now which is really great. If you don’t know what it is already you must know that Mastodon is a new micro-blogging platform very similar to social media networks like Tumblr, Instagram and particurarly similar to twitter. Visually it is a replica of tweet dekc’s design, a twitter competitor that got bough up by Twitter. But you must not think this is just a new Twitter! Mastodon is fundamentally different from the popular social media networks which makes a whole new context, a lot of these things are very different, so different that Mastodon created this great animated video to explain it in a much better way than I ever could.

If you like the idea of this then you should check it out at and if you wonder what instance to join I really recommend for artists out there. Great community there for artists.

I hope everything is well. See ya next time!


Youtube project: Art of the month

A bit of time since last blog post. This time I want to inform about my decition to invest more time into youtube, or video making. Films is something I have quite a passion for and I hope that this can be fruitfull for my artistic development but also another avenue for people to discover my art.

So now firstly I’ve lunched a monthly video series called “Art of the month” and is a podcast like video series I am thinking to stream when I get the upload for it. In this series I will take about news and stuff of importance regarding the art communities on the internet as I find that there is not too much content on that stuff on the internet. I am thinking of doing other types of videos like timelapses, tests, tutorials, tests and so much more, but here is my last video for you to watch.

This has been great fun and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy making it! 😀

I created my own discord server!

Hey, I have made myself my own discord server. Not really a proper blog subject, but I feel like it is a part of my art journey in a way as one of the motivations behind making the server is trying to build a community around myself to get better reach in social media and with people so that I can get seen by people. Because it doesn’t really matter if you get to a professional level if one one sees your art! Now I’m not really at a professional level, but I feel like this thing a part of marketing, and marketing is a skill like any other skill, something to improve on. So my plan is to improve my marketing skills and grow a community around me. This way I can get commissions, try to get funding to make different projects like comics, games and so on, but also so that I can get seen by a studio or company that wants my stuff if that ever happens. I hope you’ll like the server, see you there.

You can join the discord by clicking this link!

Inktober 2017

This year I participated in Inktober for the first time in my life and I gotta say it was very rewarding. Got to explore with ball-point-pen and acrylic ink with brush and various markers although I gotta admit that it was very difficult as well, and not every day turned out as good as other days.

Inktober 2017 highlights
Here is some highlights from my inktober endeavors.

A cool thing I got to go into and have wanted to do for a long time is to make my own sketchbooks. I cut copy paper and put them in collections of 5 papers each bunch and then put the bunches together with staples and glue. I know that staples is kinda a bad way to do it but I didn’t really want to get into the sewing just yet with sketchbooks. After all that I made a cover out of some blue cardboard I had laying around for a time like this.

What is unfortunate is the drama that developed in the early days of Inktober where Jake Parker, the guy who started Inktober answered a tweet where someone asked if it was alright to do the 31 day long challenge in digital. He answered with this.

Inktober hsdlkjgsdfg

This caused an entire outrage because they though he was “ableist” as some people find it too difficult to work with ink or they didn’t have the money for markers or a pen. Very sad to see and generally pretty obnoxious but it kinda died away luckily.

Here are all my Inktober drawing put into a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First blog post and introducing things…

Hello, as my first blog post I’d like to declare art as trash… just kidding, I love art. But in this blog post I’d like to talk about my ideas and what this website is for. Currently I have another website called SOFASTRANGLER.COM which is my main site. But not for long! This page is going to be my main page and portfolio as it will seem more professional, however I will still use the nickname SOFASTRANGLER on social media to separate the social media me and the (hopefully) future professional artist me. This blog part will serve as a communication device to give more insight into what I am doing and for me to practice writing by making maybe short essay-like writings or articles. I am also hoping to do commissions in the future and the like and I think having something like this could be beneficial for that to communicate with people interested in my work. Other than that I will do some video work as fun content and good practice as I am pretty interested in film. You can watch a recent speedpaint video below.

I am also very excited about a game project I am working with some people on. It is a 2D sidescroller about a character fighting through an enormous city expanding into infinity through its autonomous systems and robots. No one knows how this happened but civilizations and lifeforms has come and gone, with some being highly advanced but others being savages struggling to survive. We are getting some real good music, the programmer is getting pretty far on his way, so soon we might start looking for animators and other people to make this project possible.


A concept of a creature from the game

It has been a huge learning experience working on the game, organizing meetings, finding out effective processes and ways to progress on the project. And I think my art has had huge benefits to this experience. I would strongly recommend you try to do a project like this with other people, there is so much to be gained, but remember to not slack off and structurize the project. I think organization or teamwork is the heart of anything like this, and it is so useful in life. So focus on the organization part and the process, and it will get you far. At least I feel like it does.

So hopefully I will be talking about more exciting stuff in the future, and less establishing of stuff. But I am looking forward to see the progress of this. I am open to all feedback and ideas, so please come fourth with them.

See you next time!